Christine Chu

Christine graduated with a bachelor degree from National Taiwan University before graduating with a Masters degree from the University of Virginia, USA. Upon her return to Taiwan, Christine established a successful livestock business.


In 1988, Christine changed her career direction and become a pioneer in promoting Australian education in Taiwan. She established Frontier Planning International (FPI), a leading student recruitment agency. Christine has since proved herself to be one of Taiwan’s most knowledgeable and professional Education Consultants who specializes in Australian education. The first study tour she led to Brisbane in 1989 made the newspaper headline as it was the first Taiwanese group of its kind.


In drawing upon her own personal experience, she strongly believes the key for anyone to become a global citizen is to travel and experience the world’s diverse cultures. With offices in Taipei and Melbourne and, most importantly, a passion in helping others to build a promising future, FPI has been assisting life-long learners in achieving their dreams.

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