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ATBC awarded Asia Business Engagement grant for a new Australia-Taiwan women entrepreneur network

Great news that ATBC is one of 18 successful business associations awarded a grant in the second round of Austrade’s Asian Business Engagement program!

ATBC will work with member companies and organisations of women entrepreneurs in Australia, Taiwan and China, to build a self-sustaining network designed to strengthen the ATBC and support its members, boost Australia’s business engagement with Asia and help Australian women entrepreneurs to be more successful in Australia as well as Asia.

We expect there will be strong interest on the part of ATBC member companies and others in participating in the establishment and running of the new network.

One task to be tackled early is the construction of a new, bilingual web-based facility to augment the ATBC website and promote more effective business communication between Australian and Chinese-speaking women entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Features of the ATBC project include a mentoring function and an internship program. The mentoring function will enable participants to help each other solve cultural and other issues in doing business. The intern program will help a small number of young Australian women entrepreneurs work in Taiwan and a similar number of Taiwan women entrepreneurs work in Australia. The internship program sits well with the federal government’s ‘New Colombo Plan’.

The project manager is the ATBC’s CEO, Ms Ching-Mei Tuan.