Michelle Sung: Don’t say it’s impossible before you try it!

The story of Michelle Sung: Queen of the facial mask in Taiwan

Products from TenArt Biotech Limited are now sold in over 28 countries, with the company only starting a mere seven years ago. Founder Michelle Sung started her business out of love, to free her daughter from the painful hormonal influences of the environment. Michelle Sung wishes to bring to consumers the most natural and pure skincare products that have reached food-safety grade. TenArt Biotech strives to be an industry leader through its multidisciplinary approaches to safety, green, innovation, design, and R&D. TenArt Biotech is already a leader in the skincare market in Taiwan and endeavours to bring the soft skills of Taiwan to the rest of the world. It has already established a branch office in Shanghai, and is planning for an IPO in the future.

The three brands of TenArt Biotech

ERH – cosmeceutical skincare products that have passed worldwide safety tests

ERH is the only brand that has passed human skincare testing for 72 hours in the whole industry. Merely eight months have passed since the brand’s establishment and it has already topped the product evaluation chart in PChome online shopping platform. It has dominated over online sales for four consecutive years, and is currently the skincare expert for sensitive skin.

Additive-type, patented cosmeceutical ingredients and QAI organic certified components promise safety, while the product bottles and contents have all secured multiple patents. Of all products, “All-Nighter Cream” and “Functional Water” have sold over ten million bottles, creating a legend in online marketing.

The brand’s mascot, ‘Red Fennec Fox,’ is a protected species, symbolizing how ERH respects nature and seeks purity. In the future, ERH will continue to devote itself to promoting 100% effective and safe skincare products.

“MasKingdom” souvenir-grade luxury facial masks

MasKingdom has received the first-ever “Taiwanese Corporate Award – Innovation Prize” hosted by the Financial Times-Standard Chartered. Incorporating over 10 artists and 10 moving stories, we have come up with over 100 artistic facial masks, in which we insist on using native plant extracts, original designs, and environmentally friendly concepts. Our flagship store in Ximen has become the new tourist landmark in Asia. MasKingdom believes that Taiwanese heritage should be accentuated, and the facial mask should be transformed into a cultural experience, becoming a new gifting choice for international tourists!

MasKingdom is revolutionizing the beauty and skincare industry! In sync with the latest trends in Europe and America, and through integrating Apple’s iBeacon technology, we have established a smart, interactive experiential platform to enhance consumer experience. MasKingdom is also joining hands with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to host the first-ever International Facial Mask Design Competition this year, in which we embrace the energy of aesthetics and design and inspire cutting-edge designers.

In the future, MasKingdom plans to enter Shanghai and Omotesando in Japan. MasKingdom will replicate the success of their Ximen flagship store which incorporates a curatorial approach with the latest interactive technology and artistic design. MasKingdom’s flagship store is the first facial mask arts museum in Taiwan.

SASSi baby

This is a brand dedicated to mothers and infants. It has passed the ECO-CERT organic certification in the European Union. It contains 95% organic ingredients, is alcohol, pigment, and soap free, and has also obtained the certification from Forest Stewardship Council, FSC. Its packaging emphasizes the balance between mankind and the forest. The ethos of the brand aspires to loving the planet and respecting life. In addition to developing a variety of safe products, SASSi baby provides publications dedicated to infants and mothers.


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