Emily thinks BIG & outside the box!

Ms Lee is a Melbourne based businesswoman with a substantial track record of success in the corporate and government sectors in Australia and Asia.

Emily came to Australia almost 30 years ago as student from Taiwan.  From a music teacher to acting as the Chair and Directors of a number of few successful companies, her journey has been full of challenges and excitements.  Throughout her career she has always remained confident, energetic and enthusiastic. Her involvement with business communities in Australia and Taiwan has been exceptionally rewarding.  Emily has many outstanding personal achievements, including most recent receiving the Victoria’s Multicultural Awards for Excellence 2014.

Ms Lee has extensive experience in managing corporate and business relationships in the biotechnology field. She currently serves as Managing Director of Mercer Capital, a boutique private equity firm based in Melbourne. She was instrumental in leading a successful underwriting and capital raising, exceeding $5 million for an ASX-listed biotech company. She has been Non-Executive Chairwoman at Australian Natural Proteins Limited since 7 July 2014. She is also a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (MAICD).  Ms Lee has been an Executive Director of Viculus Limited since June 2013 and Viculus Limited is to be renamed as Lanka Graphite Limited in the coming month.

We are very honored to have Emily featured in the first ATWEN Stories series. She is happy sharing her experiences with people who are willing to learn and motivate other women to succeed.

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